Rise to the Top of Google Search Results With LXRMarketplace’s ‘Broken Link Checker’


We’ve mentioned before the importance of inbound links in helping businesses generate more web traffic, especially in such a competitive online sphere. Google is constantly trying to discern which websites should be at the top of their search results when relevant search- queries are made and the quality of the inbound links for website content is one way of determining how a website should be ranked. But the online sphere remains a very competitive place for businesses, with so many companies making use of the many tactics available to drive their SEO, such as sitemap building, keywords, content curation, landing-page optimization and more. For this reason, we suggest making use of our Broken Link Checker to help ensure that you remain the #1 business to your consumer-base, especially with inbound links being so consistently reliable for businesses even in an online climate as volatile as e-commerce.

Inbound links remain one of the central features which Google uses to determine how highly a website should be ranked with their signature algorithm, Page Rank. If the links used in content are from reliable, trustworthy sources, then Google will perceive the website as more trustworthy and authoritative and ultimately rank the website higher on search results.   

The Challenge of Building Quality Inbound Links

Trouble in paradise generally arises once web masters learn about PageRank, and then begin creating link schemes—such as link wheels—to increase the credibility of their own inbound links. Such forms of link schemes include, but are not limited to, the buying and selling of links, crosslinking just for the purpose of sharing links even if they aren’t relevant to the web-owner’s content, and using automated programs to make links.

Over the years PageRank has become better at identifying manipulative and negative links, but there is always room for links to be missed with the ever-changing developments in schemes and the time it would take for PageRank to update their algorithms to identify those changes. This is why LXRMarketplace’s Broken Link Checker is the perfect tools to improve the authoritativeness of your webpage.

LXRMArketplace’s Broken Link Checker

In this rather tricky world of link building, a tool like the Broken Link Checker is certainly worth us ing. The outcome of not having quality links on your website is catastrophic when you consider how important this factor is in SEO. Broken links can impair your existing customer-base and prevent you from acquiring new customers, since a bad ranking with Google will seriously impair your ability to rise to the top of the search results. The Broken Link Checker provides a solution to this problem by identifying those bad or broken links on your website and  generating an XLS report with all the broken links, status codes, and error messages.

Simply enter your domain name in the window below and receive a report indicating:

  1. Total number of URL’s
  2. Working URL’s
  3. Permanent Redirection URL’s
  4. Not Working and Redirecting URL’s
  5. Broken URL’s
  6. Status Code
  7. Status Message


Results show as per the below:


So, give it a try! While there are ways to discern if your backlinks are harmful to your website, such as pulling an inventory of your backlinks and using a series of factors to determine whether those hyperlinks are malignant—such as sites with duplicate content, no content information, and links to sites that are completely unrelated to your industry— there is still no real science of determining the extent these hyperlinks will affect your website; however the resulting Google penalties are extremely real. And LXRMarketplace’s Broken Link Checker is one of those very rare tools that can explain WHY your links are harmful, helping you realize where your website can be optimized and how to go about optimizing it.

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