How To Regain Top Dog Status Online


As we approach the dog days of summer, you should be making sure that you’re still the top dog of your industry. If your competitors are constantly trying to better themselves in order to succeed online, then you should be keeping a close watch on them, and also thinking of ways to differentiate yourself. Take a look at your competitors, acknowledge the competition, study their strategies, and then tactfully implement changes to your marketing plan in order to regain top dog status. Although it’s no walk in the park to reach the top, you’ll be in for endless treats once you get there.

Check out the other dogs that are preventing you from reaching your goals and what approaches they’re taking to bark their way to the top. Uh oh– they already have an advantage, and that’s because they’re all using some useful LXRMarketplace tools.

The Watchdog:

This guy right here is making sure that every change you make to your website, he sees. Nothing that you do to your website to try to get ahead will slip past him. So don’t even try. He’s using LXRMarketplace’s 最新的外围体育平台 Web page Monitor to track any changes like new links, images or content that you add to your site. The smartest part about his whole strategy is that he uses what he learns to make changes to his own website. And these changes are the ones that get him ahead.

The Most Social Dog At The Park:

This pup won’t stop barking, but it’s effective, because there isn’t a single person who can’t hear her in the park. She is very aware that she needs to broadcast herself wherever she goes in order to seek the most engagement from strangers she’s never even met before. She uses LXRMarketplace’s Social Media Analyzer   so that she gets ahead of the competition by comparing her social media metrics with her competitors. This pup does anything in order to make sure she is reaching the most people wherever she goes. She’s even given the reports that the tool generates for her, “two paws up.”

The Nosey Dog:

This dog is doing everything he can to sniff out the competition. He’s digging for answers, and more particularly searching for the inbound links that contribute to his website’s SEO page rankings. He uses LXRMarketplace’s Inbound Link Checker to review his off-page SEO factors. By doing this, he can see the list of quality backlinks/inbound links to his website. He knows that inbound links play a role in how his page ranks online, and until his site ranks above yours, he won’t stop digging. 

The Fastest Dog You’ve Ever Seen:

One second, you see her, the next, you don’t. She zooms past all of her competition, and makes sure that her webpage is just as speedy as she is. This dog uses LXRMarketplace’s Page Speed Insights because she knows that a longer load time has a direct correlation to bounce rate. She also knows that Google now uses page speed as a ranking factor. So if you can’t outrun her, she’ll be the top dog and keep racing past the competition.

Woof. That’s a lot of competition. But, the good news is that you have access to all of the free tools that LXRMarketplace has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Use these tools to help your website earn back it’s top dog status in order to beat the competition. The dog days of summer can be used to help you squeeze out the last of your summer sales before you start preparing for the holiday season.

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