5 Website Tips For Small Businesses


Your website lets customers know who you are through the layout you choose, the content you have, clear navigation and more. It’s more than just a place where customers can buy from you– it’s a place that houses your brand image, reputability, and professionalism. If your website isn’t up to par with your competitors, even if your products are better, customers will gravitate towards the website that functions well, loads fast, and looks great. Keep reading to make sure that your website is designed well to keep those customers coming back!

Keep Your Website Uncluttered  

Online users are attracted to the visuals and clear cut designs. The odds that someone is reading every single word you have written on your site is extremely slim, so best practice for website design is less is more.

Make everything intentional

You have the power to lead the online user around your site with your control of graphics, sizes, fonts, prints and more. Make sure that you have created a website that guides the user to where you want their eyes to go. Subconsciously, a user can’t help but follow the path you’ve laid out for them on your site– so use this control to your advantage and play up features that you want to highlight on your page!

Write Content With A Clear Message 

Following up with the less is more idea regarding website design, your content should focus on quality over quantity. Deliver your messages in crisp, short sentences and make sure that your website can be easily read. Keep your fonts as consistent as possible, large enough to see, and highly visible against the background color you’ve chosen for your site.

Use relevant keywords

Use your keywords in your content, in your ETAs, and in your URLs. When searchers see that the keywords they are looking for are in bold across your URL, or in the headline of your search ad, it allows them to see how relevant your website is to what they are looking for. Although you can get penalized for keyword stuffing, you still want to make sure that the keywords you use appear clearly across nearly every aspect your website. Use differentiating keywords for ultimate ad relevance. It’s all about finding a healthy keyword balance!

Create a good contact page

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how crucial receiving customer feedback can be. You definitely want to be able to have a clear line of communication between your customers and your support staff, and online users should feel that contacting your business is encouraged. You can learn a lot from your mistakes, or comments from customers.

Use these tips to enhance your website and help users find your page! Your website is so important to the success of your business, so you definitely want to take time investing in it.

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