Tips To Heat Up Your Summer Marketing Strategy


Just like the weather, your marketing efforts should be starting to heat up. The summer is a great time to generate more sales with little tweaks to your marketing plan. Keep reading for some creative, seasonal tips that your business won’t want to miss.

Labor Day and Back to School Targeting

Take advantage of the summer holidays that occur throughout the season. One way to do this is by sending out holiday-theme related emails to grab customer’s attention. Custom holiday emails that market any promotions, or events that you are hosting, will demonstrate professionalism on your end and keep customers interested to see what you will do next. 

Create a summer loyalty program for new customers

For new customers, you can create a summer loyalty program. For example, you could offer a flat rate discount upon subscribing, or a special promotion for new sign ups that continues throughout the summer. A seasonal promotion can get a new customer to come back after it’s over if they are satisfied enough with your business. This way, you can turn new customers into returning ones. 

Thank your returning customers

If business is typically slower for your business during the summer, now is the time to thank your returning customers, offer special discounts for your loyal ones, and express your gratitude for all of them.

Show your appreciation for brand loyal customers with a written note, act of kindness, or giveaway. Going above and beyond when you have the time is necessary to build a strong customer foundation. It will get customers positively talking about your business- and that’s the kind of publicity that’s vital for scaling up.

Track Community Events that Could Boost Business 

The summertime brings people together. You should be on the look out for any local events that could be good for your business. Local events draw a crowd that you could capitalize on that will help you build brand awareness. If there are no community events happening this summer, try hosting one!

Hold A Social Media Contest

To increase engagement, host a summer themed social media contest. Have customers post pictures of themselves using your product in a creative way, or another contest that is relevant that caters to your business. Then, choose a winner for a giveaway! This approach is smart because you’re letting your customer base market your products for you. It’s a great way to gain publicity. 

Make Sure You’re Already Optimized for Mobile

Your website should already be optimized on mobile for multiple reasons. Not only will it affect your placement on the SERPs, but in the summer, your customers will most likely be outside or on the go when searching for your products. You should be optimized for mobile all the time regardless of what season it is, but if you aren’t, start this summer! 

These summer marketing tips should help you start to heat up how you’re thinking about different strategies. There’s so much potential this season for your business to flourish! Utilize these tips to make this summer one for the books.

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