Worship of Tools Day: Top Free Tools to Optimize your Site & Overall Brand


As a celebration of Worship of Tools Day , we wanted to highlight some of our best free tools that are truly difficult to live without. Whether you’re building a sitemap, calculating your ROI, or analyzing your competition – we have a tool that’s perfect for you! Continue reading to find out all the benefits today. And yes, they’re all free so feel free to use them as much as you’d like without worrying about repairing them or finding replacement tools.

最新的外围体育平台 Analysis

  • What does it do? Compares SEO-related data from your webpage against competitors.
  • Why does it matter? You’ll be able to see how you compare with competitors.

Inbound Link Checker

  • What does it do? Shows you the number of quality links to your website and other key metrics.
  • Why does it matter? It helps you avoid a lower PageRank.

Meta Tag Generator

  • What does it do? Simply enter your URL and it’ll create a page title, description, keywords, and author.
  • Why does it matter? It helps you avoid missing out on SERP due to lack of proper meta tags.

ROI Calculator

  • What does it do? Calculates your ROI to find out how much money your business can generate.
  • Why does it matter? You’ll save time and effort from complex calculations. Plus, it’ll help you establish realistic revenue goals for your business.

SEO Penalty Checker

  • What does it do? Provides an overview of any changes on your site as the result of a Google algorithm update.
  • Why does it matter? It helps avoid any penalties from Google.

Sitemap Builder

  • What does it do? It generates a sitemap file you can download easily.
  • Why does it matter? It helps crawlers see your website and find out what it’s about. It also accelerates the process of indexing webpage.

Social Media Analyzer

  • What does it do? Compiles data about your social media channels and compares it with your top two competitors.
  • Why does it matter? It helps you understand how you compare on social against competitors.

Website Analysis Tool

  • What does it do? Reviews your website’s on page elements and provides a breakdown of all your SEO on page factors.
  • Why does it matter? It helps you avoid low organic rankings from major search engines.

Now that your toolbox is fully equipped, you can start optimizing your website and overall brand presence one tool at a time!


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