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Over 37% of the world’s population checks social media more than once a month and 91% of these users check social media on their mobile devices. (Source: Marketing Profs )

Now more than ever, it’s important to test the success of your social media platforms to make sure they’re reaching your target market. Every year, more and more users are shopping online than in traditional brick and mortar stores. These people can be easily reached (and should be) through your social media platforms.

Use LXRMarketplace’s Social Media Analyzer Tool to generate a comprehensive report with metrics on each facet of your social media influence. Cross-reference your social media statistics with competitors to make sure you’re not lagging behind, especially with the holidays around the corner.

Social Media Analyzer Tool

The Social Media Analyzer Tool works to compile the overall reach of your social media through engagement data across all channels for easy, side-by-side comparison. You have the option to assess competitor data alongside your social performance. That’ll help you identify where to ramp up your social media efforts. The in-depth report compares your likes, shares, comments, follows, subscribers, etc. so you can understand how to attract more users through your social profiles.

Social Best Practices

Here are some helpful social media best practices for small businesses.

  • It’s better to attract loyal customers than to focus on going viral. SMBs should consider social media outreach as real-world relationships.
  • You should create a content calendar so you’re planning your social posts in advance. This way, you’ll have an orderly and organized grip on your social media goals.
  • Be interactive. Post quizzes and polls to keep followers engaged and to appear invested in your following. (Source: Inc )

At LXRMarketplace , we strive to give your small to medium-sized business the free tools it needs to succeed.

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brian Solis


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