May Sitemaps Lead You Home: The Importance of Navigation on Your Website


Search engines need to understand your website in order to crawl it properly so you can appear higher on the SERP. It’s that simple.

In order to have your website performing its best (and that includes navigation), you should locate all your website’s URL to make sure they’re consistent and updated.

It’s the tedious, careful work that makes your site both professional looking and attractive to customers. Check out our tools below. They’ll get your website cleaned up on your end, and make it easy to navigate on the consumer end.

SEO Sitemap Builder

Automatically generate XML, urllist.txt, and HTML sitemaps for your website. Our Sitemap Builder tool crawls your site and creates a list of all page URLs so you can keep track of everything.

The tool then generates a sitemap file which can be downloaded in multiple formats. With the sitemap builder, you’ll be able to make changes or updates on your website seamlessly and stay on top of every single URL that can get traced back to your site.

When search engines are aware of all the pages present on your website, more consumers will be, too.


Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a text file that web administrators create that instructs search engine robots on how to crawl and index pages that are part of their website. Sneaky text files that could potentially be ruining your site might tell search engines not to crawl your website, which dramatically limits your search results.

Our Robots.txt Generator tool will not let your website suffer. It creates the file to ensure that it gets properly crawled so you can continue to retain and build your customer bases.

Robots.txt Validator

If you already have a robots.txt file, our Robots.txt Validator will be able to identify all errors that could potentially be limiting your website traffic since it’s not appearing in search results.

This tool checks the syntax, logic, mistyped words, and provides tips for your robots.txt file so your website can perform efficiently.
With the holidays steadily approaching, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be detail-oriented in order to be successful. Having a website that appears in search results and is consistent across all URLs will make the difference for your business this season. Consumers need a site they can navigate across smoothly and effectively, and you need a website that performs well without any glitches. It’s the little things that eventually add up.

At LXR Marketplace , we are devoted to the online success of your small or medium sized business.

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” — Thomas Jefferson

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