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We cannot deny that identifying broken links is a crucial element of SEO and paid-search success. And we’ve addressed how our Broken Link Checker can resolve this issue by r ecognizing those malignant links which could be hindering your organic search results . However, marketers are likely to use this tool once they’ve speculated broken links may be affecting their organic search-results. But with so many elements contributing to SEO, it’s hard to say what factors and to what extent those factors are affecting your search-engine ranking. For this reason, LXRMarketplace recommends using the Inbound Link Checker to evaluate the quality of backlinks/inbound links to a website so users can at least address another important factor in search-engine ranking. And in a playing field where so many factors can impact SEO, it’s certainly worth the time and effort to explore the quality of inbound links—especially if the damage already done by other features of SEO can be mediated; even more so if those efforts are taken as early as possible.

We mentioned earlier the importance of identifying broken links in SEO. Our Broken Link Checker can help users identify those malignant links that could be hindering their SEO—and also those quality links, that if built upon, could improve SEO even more.

And this is great. But logically speaking, it’s likely that several factors are contributing to your dwindling search-engine rankings if that is what you’ve identified in recent months. And while research is the only method that can tell you for sure what exact features are hindering your success, exploring the quality of inbound links to your website is the perfect start in the process—especially since links to your website remain an important factor Google uses to determine your search-ranking success.

For this reason, we recommend LXRMarketplace’s INBOUND LINK CHECKER.

The Inbound Link Checker is designed to assess your off-page SEO factor by providing a list of quality backlinks to your website. As mentioned earlier, the number of quality backlinks is a huge determinant in PageRank . All you have to do is enter your URL in the window below and you will be provided with a report with a list of website URL’s that have inbound-links to your website URL. The tool also reports to you the number of referring websites to your domain, checks the ‘no follow’ URL links, along with Indexed Pages in Google.


It may be easy to develop inbound/ links. But it’s not as easy to develop backlinks that are necessarily quality. The good news? There are tactics to improve the traffic that comes to your website.

  1. Quality Content: We always say this because it is remarkably true. CONTENT IS KING. And the better your content, the more credible websites will link to your webpage. Ways to improve the quality of your website include using lists, memes, research and original data, and guides. And make sure your content is relevant to your products and services so other websites can understand its relevance to their business, making them more likely to link to your website.
  2. Link to Quality Websites: Linking to quality websites is a crucial element to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you are linking to credible sources, not only do you improve your credibility, but you also generate more attention from those sources, especially if your content offers something new and insightful to viewers. Then web viewers are more likely to recognize you and link to your website in return, especially if they are making use of tool to assess websites linking to their website.

So here it is. Clearly the Inbound Link Checker will help you on your quest to identifying the backlinks to your website and determine IF those links are quality in your website. And it’s extremely important since it remains one of the main factors Google still uses to determine your PageRank. And while there are tools for this, it’s important to take certain a ctions to ensure the actual links referring to your website are credible such as curating quality content and linking to quality websites . Because there is no greater way of ensuring quality SEO than to take these measures BEFORE any long-range consequences can occur as the result of sub-standard SEO factors impairing your website.

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