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Last week we talked about how the Keyword Combinator can help you generate a wider range of keywords for your AdWords account so you can increase the number of web visitors to your website. Such a tool is particularly useful at this time when you consider the changes that are making it difficult for some businesses to thrive in the competitive industries which they reside; for example, Google’s recent decision to ignore word order and function words in Exact Match may prevent those marketers with a smaller range of keywords relevant to their products & services from attracting more browsers with AdWords. But while it’s important to use keywords that adequately deliver your brand, it’s also important to implement keywords that will rival those of your competitors so you can increase your organic search ranking and drive your AdWords revenue, especially in a digital sphere that is constantly bombarded with new technology and added features to the AdWords features we use.

As we mentioned in our last blog, the Keyword Combinator is one of LXRMArketplace’s feature tools which allows users to generate long-tail keywords for Google AdWords and Bing Accounts by creating all possible keyword combinations —including Phrase Match and Exact Match types—to help trigger ads for relevant search queries. Just as a recap, other tool benefits include keyword reports similar to the AdWords Editor and Bing Ads Desktop with all possible combinations. Simply enter your URL here and your results with show within seconds for free!

But here’s the challenge. There are so many changes going on in the AdWords world, at times it feels virtually impossible to keep up with all the trends. Fo r example, Google has made the recent decision to ignore word order and function words in Exact Match in an attempt to increase web traffic . So yes. A tool like the Keyword Combinator would greatly help to discern what combinations would work best. But think about it. Are the keyword combinations determined by these tools necessarily the keywords that will help advertisers compete most adequately with their industry rivals. While there could be some cross-over, there may very well be some keywords that are lesser related to your actual goods and/or services but would help you more successfully compete with your rivals because you will understand how they are experiencing greater SEO and PPC success.

That is why our Weekly Keyword Rank Checker is so crucial to your success. Not only will you gain insight into the relevancy of the keywords you insert into the tool, but you will also develop insight into the relevancy of your competitors’ keywords, putting you in the perfect position to generate more search-ranking success. All this is especially important when you consider the doubt that some changes are creating in advertisers’ minds. For example, the impact of the recent Exact Match changes, as we’ve mentioned in a previous blog, may not have had a relevant impact on conversions as compared to just Exact Match non-brand traffic share; however we have witnessed a 3-5% decrease in conversion rates when measuring the overall impact of all close variants on Exact Match conversions. Clearly, it’s hard to say how exactly these changes will wind up affecting search results, especially for those businesses with a smaller range of keywords related to their search queries, but at least in understanding what your competitors are doing, you will be at an advantage even if the changes to Exact Match are slightly affecting how much web traffic you are generating. Other benefits of the tool include:

  • Automatically sending email alerts for your keyword ranking changes
  • Analyze website ranking trends over custom time periods
  • Automated weekly ranking report in PDF format

Simply enter your keywords, geographical location, language, domain, as well as your competitors’ domains and get your results here. You will know your answer in seconds. Though you may be simply relying on what you’ve observed in AdWords or Analytics, or even with other third-party tools like our Keyword Combinator, understand that trends are always changing and it’s certainly worth the time and effort to observe what your competitors are doing so you are at least at an advantage in that aspect of this complex digital marketing game.


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