Robots.txt Validator Tool

robots.txt validator tool

A Robots.txt file is an incredibly essential file for every website. Robots.txt is a text file that is located at the root directory of a website and needless to say it has immense importance in the eyes of the website owner as well as search engines. It’s a directive to Google and other search engines for what they should and should not crawl. LXRMarketplace empowers the website owner to create and set up the perfect robots file with the help of the Robots.txt Validator Tool.

How does the Robots.txt Validator Work?

Using the tool is simple enough. If the Robots.txt file is already set up in your website, then all you need to provide is the website URL and select the option ‘Import and Validate Robots.txt’. The tool would instantly detect the Robots file in the website, import the file, and render the same to you in the provided text box.  Underneath that, it would simultaneously provide you with all possible errors and warnings it encounters which includes anything mistyped and any word or syntax errors. 

On the other hand, if you are yet to set up the Robots.txt file and just have a draft of it, you can just paste the content of the file in the text box area and, just like the above process, you would get an easily convertible file and a report of any errors to correct before you upload the file.

The tool comes up as a handy guide if you’re trying to develop or redesign your website. It is also advisable to check your Robots.txt file from time to time just to ensure that important URLs do not get blocked inadvertently. 

Features of the Robots.txt Validator

With the help of the Robots.txt file, the website owner and the webmasters can block information which they do not want search engines to index. This may include checkout and other secured pages. Additionally, when a website is undergoing development, it is essential to block the whole website with the help of Robots.txt file. 

Sitemaps and sitemap index links are also provided in the Robots.txt file, which makes it a step easier for search engines to locate the XML sitemap file and follow it likewise. 

Robots.txt file is of immense importance in the eyes of search engines, so it is absolutely essential to routinely double check all information, as a minor error in Robots.txt can have multiple repercussions for your website and its ranking potential.

With the help of the Robots.txt Validator tool, you can easily detect the possible gaps in the file and fix it.

robots.tct validator tool Validate your robots.txt files to ensure flawless executions so search engines can properly crawl and rank your website.

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Written by  Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.

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