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URL Auditor; how to improve SEO

Our URL Auditor analyzes the links to landing pages across your website to separate your broken links from functional ones. Knowing whether links work improves the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns as it ensures customers can fully access your website. Our URL Auditor lets you focus on running your business as you will know all your links are completely functional and your customers can fully navigate your website.

How do Broken Links Affect SEO?

Broken links negatively affect your site’s SEO/PPC. Search engines, like Google, crawl through URLs to index your website so that potential customers can find you through organic search (searching keywords and phrases associated with your brand and products). If search engines find broken links, they could stop crawling that site. Without crawling your site, search engines won’t let searchers find you. Overall, this helps your search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Google also wants to ensure a reliable and convenient user experience. Broken links provide a bad user experience, as customers cannot access the information they desire.

If pages don’t load properly, new users cannot access information about your site, services, and products. They will be deterred by error messages and may not return to or recommend your site. Your site loses credibility. Customers instead will turn to your competitors.

Ensure your website is fully navigable and that your marketing campaigns redirect to functioning landing pages.

Check your website’s URLs .

URL Auditor how do broken links impact SEO
LXRMarketplace’s URL Auditor
Written by Shannon Kelly, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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