Social Media Analyzer Tool


LXRMarketplace’s Social Media Analyzer Tool analyzes the overall performance of your various social media channels. The weekly report will include metrics on your likes, shares, comments, followers or subscribers, and more from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Communication is the key to maintaining a relationship with your customers. Brand loyalty keeps your business in your customer’s mind, even if they are not actively buying from you. In this digital age, a social media presence is a must in staying connected with your customers (and seeing what your competitors are up to).

The content that generates the most engagement may surprise you, so it is important to track exactly what is generating online conversations about your products, services, and overall company. You will get a compiled report of your overall engagement compared with that of your competitors.

The Social Media Analyzer tool monitors the key metrics of your channels and that of your competitors. You’ll see which posts perform better than others and see how you rank compared with your competitor’s campaigns. In turn, you’ll be creating better content, reminding your customers of what they like about your company!

Start analyzing your social media channels today !


Written by Shannon Kelly, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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