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Your website is so much more than the visual experience that customers see after they click on your ads. Although the online user’s ability to locate, navigate and buy on your site is the most important for them, and has the most impact on your business, you need to make sure that all of the behind the scenes work has fallen into place.

One vital component that makes up an SEO strategy is having strong meta tags. Your meta tags are located in your websites code and allow crawlers to analyze the relevance between your webcode and the visuals that accompany it. It tells search engines how you would like you website to be described. 

Let’s break that down.

A web crawler is a program that reads your website’s code to check it for any discrepancies. It indexes all of your website pages, checks all of your links, and more relevantly, reads your meta tag descriptions to get a feel for what your website is about. Once your website has been methodically crawled, the crawling program sends the information it has collected to search engines.

Your meta tag allows a crawler to understand more about your website. Your meta tag includes a title, your website description, and your keywords, which let search engines know how relevant your page is for a specific search, so that you can rank for relevant searches more effectively. 

Even if a meta tag doesn’t improve your placement on the SERP dramatically, it will improve the quality of your website and let search engines know that you have a reputable page. 

Is coding not your thing? Instead of spending time inputting meta tags or trying to even figure out where to start with coding, you can use our free Meta Tag Generator. It will enrich the position and look of your web pages in all search engines while attracting visitors from the search engine results page.

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