Are You Making Any of These Digital Marketing Mistakes?


There is an overwhelming amount of components to consider when trying to maintain the best online marketing practices. It’s nearly impossible to have a flawless digital marketing strategy, and even more difficult to keep track of the mistakes you could possibly be making. Luckily, we have compiled some of the most common and important digital marketing mistakes to avoid. Read more to figure out if you’re making any of them and we’ll provide solutions for how to fix them ASAP!

Make sure that your marketing efforts are yielding the results yo u deserve.

Bi ggest SEO mistakes:

Choosing the wrong keywords: 

Businesses often struggle to separate  their business from how they want people to see their business, and how consumers actually do. Keep this in mind when choosing your keywords. It’s best to do a lot of research and to put a lot of thought into what keywords you’re using to optimize your placement on the SERP. 

Another keyword issue to avoid is keyword stuffing! Placing as many keywords into your content as possible can actually penalize your SERP placement as a result of your page appearing as spam. Make sure that your keywords are effectively seen, but not littered all over your website.

Not aligning your keywords to your content  

Make sure that your content is relevant to your keywords, but also addresses a segmented topic that directly correlates to what people are searching for. Google uses relevancy as a component of quality score, so you shouldn’t be jamming your content with keywords, or straying away from topics related to your keywords. It’s all about finding a happy medium.

Biggest PPC mistakes:

Thinking that you’re failing if you’re not #1 on the SERP

It’s possible you could be even spending too much money on your campaigns because you’re in a race to be in the #1 placement on the SERP. A helpful tip would be to monitor where your campaigns are “limited by budget” and actually lower those bids until you see that it’s affecting the amount of traffic you’re getting. Then, you can determine how much money you actually need to spend and where you can still get adequate traffic without breaking the bank or being preoccupied about being #1.

Not tracking conversions

Conversions are an extremely important metric that you should even be predominantly focusing on. To break it down, impressions and clicks are good for brand awareness. Your click through rate can measure how successful a marketing campaign is, but your conversion rate is where your revenue is generated. You can get a lot of traffic, but it should be convertible traffic that pays off!

Biggest Ecommerce mistakes:

Having a hard to navigate website

There is so much content to search through and websites to land on that a frustrated online user will not stop to learn how to figure out your website. The checkout process should be easy to navigate for an online user, without many steps. Buying for consumers should not be a chore or take a lot of effort. Reevaluate your website by navigating through it as a user would and notice where you run into any confusion or find hiccups that prevent customers from converting faster.

Not optimizing for mobile  

You should have a mobile-first website for multiple important reasons. It not only frames your company as reputable, but more and more users are turning to their mobile devices to search and buy online. Not to mention, having a mobile first site is going to be a vital component for your placement on the SERP when Google changes its algorithms soon! Read more about that here:

When you take a look at these mistakes, they can all be combated by thinking like an online user more so than a business owner. So always stay thinking like a consumer!

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