Why Your Packaging Is Just As Important As Your Product


Getting a package delivered right to your door can sometime be even more exciting than the product itself. There’s a sense of raw wonder and genuine intrigue when you see unique product designs and logos on your favorite products. The power of these images will make you reorder from that company. Iconic packaging has the ability to create brand loyalty, convey strong brand messages, establish a company, and is far too important to not commit to.

The graphic design choices you make need to be aligned with your company and what it stands for. For example, Tiffany & Co. packaging is known for being a timeless robins-egg blue box, finished with an elegant white bow and delicate font. That kind of packaging would not be effective for all companies, in fact it wouldn’t work for most. Think of your product and align your font, color choices, and images to produce a consistent brand tone that will keep customers coming back.

Think of your target market and what appeals to them when designing your packaging, and how to correlate it to your line of products. You don’t have to spend a ton of money coming up with packaging either, as long as it’s thoughtful. Using color psychology can be helpful when determining what kind of packaging you want. For example, yellow is known to be associated with cheerfulness and optimism, while green is a color that conveys a sense of peacefulness. The qualities of your brand that you want to capture can be effectively outlined in a color you choose to use.

There are various influencers who create “unboxing,” videos to show off new products, and in those videos, the packaging has become an integrated part of the brand experience. Creative packaging shows that your business cares about the quality of your products being able to get to your customers safely, and that your business is also thorough in every aspect of the marketing process.

Take a look at your current logo, packaging, and graphics and see if it’s time to step them up! Seeing a package in your mailbox that doesn’t look like a standard cardboard box or envelope offers your customers a customized shopping experience from start to finish and will keep them around for the long run.

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