It’s Time To Apply Spring Cleaning To Your AdWords Account


With the arrival of spring, it’s time to think about cleaning up your AdWords account. You should prepare for seasonal changes like shifting search queries but it shouldn’t just stop there. You should consider reorganizing your campaigns from time to time for your own peace of mind.

Here are some tips to get you spending less and earning more by refreshing your overall account. It’s time to get refreshed and wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, warm sunlight peeking through your window, a smarter strategy, and more money in your pocket!

Use Seasonal Keywords

Say goodbye to keywords that apply only to winter! Your time and budget should be going towards relevant searches that include seasonal items. Ditch the words that make people feel like they want to curl up on a cold day and start using words that associate themselves with springtime.

Choose The Right Vocabulary

Thinking of words that associate with springtime is as easy as taking a look outside. Notice the bright, light, airy colors and match them up to your ads! Look into words and colors that invite online customers to feel excited about the change in weather, and encourage them to start thinking about items they’ll need to prepare. It doesn’t hurt to supplement that research with looking at what competitors are doing and doing you own independent keyword research.

Think Ahead

It’d be beneficial to start thinking of setting your AdWords account for summertime, too. Even though it may seem preemptive, custom often think ahead and they’re more likely to purchase items a season before they need them to anticipate all their future needs.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

After you’ve edited your AdWords account to gear it up for the spring and summer, pair down! Remove keywords, ad groups, or campaigns that aren’t meeting your expectations. It’s better to focus on what’s working than spend money where you aren’t seeing results. Also, remind yourself to “spring clean” your AdWords account like this on a regular basis. Spring cleaning is a great reminder to check the overall health of your AdWords account.

Spring Clean Your Website

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