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We know that you love our free tools. Perhaps they’re even your best kept secret when it comes to making sure your website is up-to-date and outperforming your competitors. At LXRMarketplace, we couldn’t be more thrilled to help out SMBs to accomplish our mission of democratizing the online retail industry.

Our array of SEO, PPC, and Ecommerce tools are definitely here to stay. We’ve already been able to customly analyze over 450,000 websites and help roughly 300,000 customers. With the simple input of a URL, we can automatically address the problems that are occuring in your website and suggest tools for you to use to get the best results from your landing pages and beyond.

LXRMarketplace is proud to announce that all your favorite tools will now be available to you for $39.99 per tool! Get the latest and most helpful reports that increase your websites performance at little cost to you!

Why you might ask? Because we care about your business and we want to see it thrive. By offering some of the best tools in the market, we’ve been able to come up with a figure that is both reasonable, but fair to the services that we are providing.

So sign up for LXRMarketplace and receive our latest industry related blogs for an additional $9.99 a month! You’ll want the best advice at your fingertips.

April Fools!

At LXRMarketplace, we pride ourselves on offering free tools to you so you have one less thing to stress about as a business owner.

As seen in our mission statement, “The mission of LXRMarketplace is to simplify lives of small retail marketers by providing them with free and low priced web applications for improving their online marketing management efficiency as well as campaign performance.”

So use our always free tools, that are priced substantially lower than other applications available to you, and have a great April Fool’s Day!

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