Celebrate National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!


Happy National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day !

Nothing quite beats the feeling of being cared for when making a purchase. There are no tricks, scams, or commercialized experiences with a mom and pop business. You can relax and expect great quality from the moment you open the door or go online and check out. We salute you, mom and pop businesses, for never making customers feel like a number!

If you need any more incentive as to why to support your local mom and pop businesses, here are additional reasons for why these local, smaller stores should take up a big room in your heart.  

Local businesses aim to serve the community that they’re a part of because they’re tailored to that community’s needs. They also provide you with the best customer service around, because when you become a customer, you become a friendly face. Mom and pop type businesses connect you to the local community by getting to know you and introducing you to other people within the community who share the same interests. In that case, mom and pop businesses can help you network, too!

Think of all the chains that you pass by on a regular basis. They all look and offer products that are exactly the same. They’re replicated stores that are without a doubt reliable, but don’t offer the character and aesthetic of a good mom and pop store that enhances the value and functionality of a community.

Besides distinguishing a community as unique, these businesses encourage others to become entrepreneurs and live their dreams. Thriving mom and pop businesses demonstrate the potential success of others who share the same passions. Seeing huge commercial chain retailers succeed just doesn’t provide the same motivation as watching people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into a business.

So do yourself a favor and show your local mom and pop businesses today some gratitude! They’ll definitely reciprocate the feeling.


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