How to Increase your Social Media Presence & Establish a Stronger Brand


Social media is no longer just a way to connect with friends. Businesses have been able to raise brand awareness, increase site visits, and purchases through social media advertising, and social media users have been responding positively to the increase in ad promotion. 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved. (Source: Wordstream )

Every social media platform serves a different purpose and has the ability to build a strong online presence for your brand. You should use a combination of multiple platforms, according to your company needs for the most effective content posts. Use the following tips to focus on which social platforms you’d benefit the most from and then use our effective tips to gain your social media following!

Social Media Platforms For Your Business


79% of American internet users are on Facebook and they all have the potential to be reached with your ads. You can easily update your ads, share seasonal promotions, interact with customers, and update your company’s page on this social media site. Since it’s the most used social site, you can spread brand awareness or target certain customers. (Source: Wordstream , Audiology Design )


With 24% of American internet users on Twitter, the faster paced, 280 character limit platform is great for expressing your credibility and starting conversations. You can mention other brands or customers specifically and have public interactions that allow users to discover who you are even more as a company. It’s a great platform to build brand voice and humanize our business. (Source: Wordstream , Audiology Design )


This platform is extremely visually appealing. 32% of American Internet users are drawn to pages that provide them with a lot of aesthetically pleasing content. Show off your products, or create a feed that captures your brand style with differently edited photos. Over 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business. You also have the ability to post stories that show off your employees and offer content that expires after 24 hours, or can be pinned to your Instagram profile in the case of longer promotions. (Source: Wordstream , Audiology Design , Instagram for Business )


93% of Pinterest users plan or make purchases on the site. Users create aesthetic boards that help them create visions. If you decide to use Pinterest, market products that match what a user might want to create a vision board around. (Source: Wordstream , Audiology Design )


29% of American Internet users are on LinkedIn. Use this site to create a professional page and connect with other businesses. LinkedIn is not a place to interact directly with consumers, but rather a site where you can become an influential thought leader in your industry if you market correctly. (Source: Wordstream , Audiology Design )

Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Consistency is Key. Using your brand voice and posting frequently helps deliver the professionalism that customers trust. Social media management tools such as HootSuite , Buffer , and Sprout Social are great for planning posts ahead of time. (Source: Apptamin )

Talk to your audience. Speaking with your audience helps you maintain a professional edge. Social media platforms let you join conversations with your customers, and not just necessarily project your content onto them. Take time to answer questions and build a relationship with returning customers. (Source: Apptamin )

Show, don’t tell. Social media sites provide you with the tools to create visual posts that can let your products sell themselves. Show off your products with photos, satisfied customer reviews and comments, and the real value that your products provide. (Source: Apptamin )

Build a Personality. Align your social media voice with your target audience’s voice. A playful brand should come to life on social media. Make your voice personal to establish even more trust and reputability. (Source: Apptamin )

Increase your social media presence with these tips and across these platforms and we promise you’ll notice results. By focusing on the platforms that will serve your brand the best, and using these posting tips, you’ll be a social media force to be reckoned with.

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