Why You Should Be Collecting And Using Customer Feedback


There’s a lot to be learned from what makes your best customers return to your retail business and what improvement they’d like to see. Whether your reach out to them directly or they come to you, you should always keep your customers closer and their feedback even closer.

Connecting with your customers is the smartest way to gain firsthand insights from your target market. First, you need to provide them with a way to share their thoughts, whether it’s online or in-person. Then you need to create an environment where their feedback is not only allowed, but heavily appreciated, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

How To Effectively Collect Feedback

For new customers, you can send out an email survey to collect feedback. Here are some example questions you can reference:

  • Why did you choose our store go through with a purchase? (price, availability, convenience, etc.)
  • How did you hear about the store? (through search, referral, social, etc.)
  • How was the service/quality of the product(s)?
  • How was their overall experience on the website/ throughout the process of buying?

You can also reach new customers on the order confirmation page with a brief survey. Alternatively, you can create a dedicated section of your website that allows the user to articulate their experience on your website.

For existing customers, you can reach out with a call. This could ultimately result in a more personalized experience, where customers will be able to openly provide feedback Your best customers might be more inclined to give you feedback than you think. The idea that you’re  seeking a their advice to help grow your business is not only flattering to them, but it’ll help you gain other like-minded, new customers and build customer retention. This is perfect option for smaller businesses who know their customers well.

Why Your Customer’s Voice Matters

Customers are essential for learning how your business can evolve and improve. So much strategizing goes into creating what you think creates the best customer experience, but only customers can let you know if everything is going as planned on the receiving end.

The best way to measure satisfaction is through firsthand accounts. Google Analytics can measure and provide you with insightful data, but it misses the valuable conversations between a customer and your business.

While gaining more extensive customer feedback, you can even find customers willing to advocate for your business. You can display positive commentary on your site, and build a more reputable brand.

Customer feedback will lead you towards changes that you can implement in your business. Their ideas and insights are the most tangible ways to determine the direction you should take your company, so start reaching out to them now!


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