Why You Should Keep Your Keyword Groups Hyper-Focused


According to Google, their search engine processes 40,000 searches in a second. Potential customers are inquiring, searching, and buying things at a lighting pace and your business needs to be a part of that. SEO and PPC techniques for 40,000 searches in a second need to be carefully planned if you don’t want to be just another website in a vast crowd of your competitors. Use the following keyword tips to make sure you’re targeting exactly who you want.

Be Careful About Ad Spend

Don’t waste your ad spend on keywords that sound like they would work in theory. Keep your keyword groups hyper-focused and choose quality over quantity. Not only will this strategy keep your campaigns running more efficiently, but specific goals yield specific results, and will drive a more targeted market towards your website. Investing in a few, but effective keywords will also allow you to write more relevant ad copy that’s more likely to be linked to your website, and found easier.

Be Choosy About Your Keywords

Keywords are abundant and the possibilities are endless. First, compile a list of all the words and phrases that surround your business and brand. Then, streamline that list until you’re satisfied that those searches are the ones you want to invest in. Find modifiers that set you apart and align with a customer’s intentions. Don’t be afraid to be picky!

Think About How People Search Keywords

Think of your keywords from the perspective of a customer searching for something particular online. Users often search for phrases rather than one word, and your website should be prepared for that on the receiving end.

What Are Your 最新的外围体育平台s Doing?

Check out your top competitor’s webpages. See what words they focus their site on, and then play around. Search for the keywords that they rank for, and notice where they appear on the SERP. Either invest in some of those keywords to decrease your competition’s advantage, or choose keywords that play to your business’ other strengths.

Test Your Keywords

Again, don’t leave it up to chance when you don’t need to! Google AdWords tools such as the Keyword Planner will help you see the tangible results associated with the phrases that you’re selecting.

Plan Ahead & Keeps Keywords Relevant

Be smart and strategic when choosing your keywords, and back up your research with additional sources so that you can be sure you’re ranking where you need to be. Your ads will show based on the Quality Score they receive, so keeping your keywords relevant will affect your search rank.

There are numerous reasons to keep your keywords focused, but perhaps the most overarching one is beneficial for targeted ad copy. Content marketing plays a huge roll in your online success, as mentioned in our previous blogs that you can check out here.

Make sure your keywords are helping you show up at least once in the 40,000 searches happening every second.

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