Finding Your Voice With Google AdWords


It’s no surprise that Google AdWords is assisting millions in their quest to obtain higher revenues and increased ROI’s, especially since the tool has gained more popularity with the rise in advertisers who are trying to complete in this rather competitive e-market.  But as we’ve mentioned time and time again, the tool is complex, and could make for a difficult process if not understood correctly in relation to your goals. For example, if you want to increase your conversions, you must understand how to accomplish those goals in order to experience the success you yearn for. So let us address the different ways which you can be effective with AdWords so you can emerge as an active and successful player in the industry which you reside.

  1. Change Your Outlook

It can be difficult at first. But changing the way you perceive the tool is paramount to developing a stronghold. With the popularity many larger name brands have in the e-market, it can be discouraging to think about how you will adequately compete when your funds and advertising capacities are so much more limited. But many businesses are succeeding with AdWords, especially once they understand how to generate more revenue in their e-industry—many of times with the use of third party tools which help them to optimize different areas of their AdWords account so they cater to more niche markets. For example, Netelixir’s very own Coffee Cow client generated 17.82% more website revenue once they used our LXRGuide tool because they understood how to optimize their account with the tool, even though other larger brands were effectively utilizing AdWords to extend their brand to audiences as well. However, beginning to change your outlook on how effective AdWords can be for your small business is really the first step in developing this kind of attention in the market which you reside.

  1. Find a Niche Market

A very important aspect of really emerging as a successful brand with AdWords is finding your niche. As we’ve mentioned previously, assessing the demographics of the browsers with the highest conversions in your AdWords account can indicate how you should construct future ads in order to adequately compete with larger-name brands which maybe dominating the industry. For example, if I notice the majority of browsers making purchases on my coffee retail website are African American middle-aged males, it’s safe to assume this group is at least one of my niche markets and I should modify the text, graphics, and features of my PPC ads to appeal to this group at the time and location (ie. radius targeting, places of interest targeting), these browsers typically made these purchases. As a result, I will watch as my purchases grow even more, making me a player in an industry that could’ve very well overpowered me if I hadn’t appealed to the niche market I’d identified in my AdWords results.

  1. Create a Website and Represents Your Brand

Another important aspect of generating more success with Google AdWords is optimizing your website. When you first generate ads, though the ad itself must be optimized to generate more AdWords revenue, you cannot expect browsers to actually make the conversions unless your website is optimized in a way that prompts them to make a particular purchase. We’ve mentioned the importance of landing pages in previous posts, where we address the significance of making it compelling enough with relevant graphics and text so that browsers make a purchase. However, it’s important to also optimize other areas of your website so you can increase the chances even more of conversions, such as an informative About Us Page or an in-depth product and services description so that users are engaged in many areas of your website as they continue to navigate through, especially if they are immediately intrigued with the landing page. So don’t hesitate to emerge as a unique brand in the competitive e-industry which you reside by optimizing different areas of your website and doing justice to the quality products and services which you provide. It will certainly pay off.

So here it is! Three great ways of finding your voice with Google AdWords. Though it can be challenging at times, really developing yourself as a standalone brand by finding a niche market and creating a website with features that adequately represent your brand are all crucial elements of driving conversions and emerging as a successful player in the industry which you reside. But really, this is only made possible if you change your outlook and have confidence that AdWords has the potential to generate revenue with your PPC ads if certain features are manipulated in a way which makes your ads stand out.

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