How to Reach Your Goals with Google AdWords


We’ve talked endlessly about how different AdWords tactics can be implemented to increase your AdWords revenue.   We’ve even addressed how you can determine if those tactics are working by identifying the impact of certain actions you’ve made or making use of third party tools.  But first things first. And a clear-cut understanding of how you will reach your goals will put you in a better position to determine if the current tactics are effective down the line, since you will know the signs of your goals slowly materializing,  and generate more revenue as a result. So let’s talk a little bit about reaching your AdWords goals and how you can develop a plan which will materialize into solid results. 

Think about Reasonable Goals

A crucial factor in developing a marketing strategy that will get you results is determining your goals. If you think about what goals you want to reach, you are in a better position of designing a strategy which will generate the results you’ve been yearning for. For example, if you know you want to increase your brand visibility, it may be a good idea to look at your current situation to discern if you have the strategy and resources needed to reach that particular goal. So if you want to increase your brand visibility , it’s wise to choose vCPM (Cost per-thousand viewable impressions)  bidding to reach that goal, but be sure based on the bidding track you’ve received in the past the path, along with factors that will contribute to a solid quality score, that you can reach your goals by manipulating the relevant variables. 

Studying Data

Probably one of the most important aspects of reaching your AdWords Goals is studying data. Studying data not only allows you to determine what current tactics are working, but assess how those tactics can be optimized to help you reach your goals. You can easily track the progress of your ad campaigns on the Display Search Network or the Ads tabs which can give you statistics to help you assess your ad performance. For example, as an online jewelry retailer, if you notice that clicks and conversions are particularly high for a diamond bracelet ad when you look on the Ads Tab , you can conclude that elements of this ad, along with a high demand for the bracelet maybe generating these types of results. So if your goal is to generate more AdWords revenue, continue creating ads for this line of jewelry. Assess the before and after results of the specific ad features you’ve incorporated, whether they be text, visuals, ad customizers, etc. Use those result-generating features ads to attract even more attention and conversions as you originally wanted and watch as your revenue grows. There are many other ways to determine the types of actions you should take for greater results,  but really delving into the data and assessing what tactics what will work based on the performance trends will help those thoughts materialize. 

Becoming Aware of the Possibilities :

Think outside the box. There is a whole other world of tools that can help you reach your goals. Our very own LXRMarketplace is a great place to start. While many of these tools provide SEO insights, we have a range of others which can give you the insight you need to reach your Adwords goals. For example, our ROI Calculator is a great tool which allows you to determine your return on investment. Simply enter the revenue and cost of your campaign and determine your campaign’s profitability. Going to an outside source such as this could help you for two reasons. You can get an idea of what a reasonable ROI would be based on the results AND what needs to be done if your campaign is either higher or lower than you’d expected. In whatever situation you are in, it’s very important to make yourself aware of all the possibilities that exist so you can never fall short of the available insights that will bring you AdWords success.

We want you to get where you need to be with AdWords. But the process may not be a long and hard as you think if you are prepared to set yourself up with properly developed strategy based on the patterns you identify in your data, as well as becoming aware of what kind of 3rd party tools can gain you the insights you need to reach those goals. The opportunity for growth is there. All you must do is take advantage of those opportunities so you can witness the results you’ve been waiting for all this time. And it’s certainly a small price to pay for the spike in results that will ensue once you’ve taken the right course of action.

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