SEO Tool of the Week: ‘SEO Penalty Checker’


While web changes can be effective, they are only as effective as their approval by Google. If you happen to make a change that breaches any of Google’s best practices, you may be penalized in a way that affects the ranking of your website. Not a great experience if you’ve put in time & effort into creating web changes that you believe would drive your traffic.

Since it can be difficult to stay updated with Google’s ever-changing best practices, we suggest that you try out our ‘SEO Penalty Checker’. This tool provides a complete overview of any changes on your website based on Google’s latest algorithm updates which may affect the criteria used to determine ranking. The tool uses Google Analytic organic data or Alexa data to determine whether your website has any ongoing penalties, as a result of the update. Some key benefits include:

• Pinpointing the day organic traffic changed and what update affected their website. You can then easily view and fix those issues.
• Monitor website data on a daily basis for any increase or decrease in organic traffic due to Google algorithm changes.

Just click below to give it a try!


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