Why You Should Consider Using Google AdWords


Is Google AdWords an effective tool for small businesses? Many critics complain that it’s not worth the money when much larger companies have such greater leverage in search results anyway.  However any companies have reported incredible success with the tool which they never thought before was possible. In fact, NetElixir’s client, Priester’s Pecans, reported a whopping 327% increase in AdWords revenue and a -42% decrease in costs when their campaigns were optimized our very own AdWords optimization tool LXRGuide. Here are some of the benefits of using AdWords for your small business if your campaigns are customized correctly.

Increased ROI –  Google AdWords has been proven to generate the highest ROI out of the ten core performance indicators (KPI)  used by marketers. You only pay for ads that are clicked on unlike other campaigns. And since you are able to customize your campaign to your target audiences, the potential for profitability is just much higher than those tools which do not allow for this flexibility.

More Leads:   Google AdWords can greatly increase your leads and customers if your campaigns are optimized in a way that appeals to your target audiences.  Whether it be through keywords, location & language targeting, device targeting, placement targeting etc., there are many ways to gear your product ads to people who will be the most interested. However you must be willing to fully explore the tool and all the different ways your account can be optimized.

Transparency –  One of the most important features of Google AdWords is the transparency of the results provided to users. Why? Because the easy-to-understand presentation gives you insight you need to create more appealing ads. Just be sure to carefully analyze your data so you are accurately identifying relevant performance trends. You want to tap into the full potential of the tool especially when you have spent such time & effort setting up the campaigns.

Google AdWords holds endless possibilities when your campaigns are customized correctly.  And the results of your current AdWords campaigns can give you enough insight to do the customizing yourself! It’s just how willing you are to explore the tool. And when you consider how profitable AdWords can be for your business, it’s really not hard to take action. So don’t hesitate to try out!


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