Improving Your AdWords Revenue by Capturing Relevant Insights from Google Marketing Next 2017


There has been some recent changes to the interface of Google from the Google Marketing Next 2017 conference based on the insights provided by data from businesses across the world. Yes Google has made innovations to their AdWords account which have greatly improved the ability of advertisers to promote their products and services online. We’ve seen the impact the ‘store visits’ feature which has tracked over 4 billion consumer journeys for advertisers worldwide since it’s creation and the recent enhancements to ECPC which has removed the standard 30% cap off of bids, increasing the chance that advertisers will win bids for clicks most likely to convert while keeping costs at the same level as their manual bids. However, Google’s recent improvements to AdWords is expected to increase advertisers’ success even more, with changes based off actionable insights extracted from data in 2017 from advertisers everywhere. In spite of the innovations usefulness on average though, we have to wonder whether this data will provide valuable insights to small businesses since the data has not been exclusively extracted from small businesses.

The innovations from the Google Marketing Next 2017 are as follows:

  1. More detailed landing page insights on the AdWords interface and the new AdWords AMP landing page
  2. More features to attract target audiences such as Better Audiences Feature, Brand New Audiences Feature, and a Broader Audience Feature
  3. Unique Reach in DSA’s (Display Search Ads)
  4. Google Assistant will be available with Local Inventory Ads
  5. New tools like Google Optimize and Google Survey 360 will provide actionable insights by capturing ‘micro-moments’ when web browsers are most likely to convert

So how can you determine what insights of these will be valuable to your small business? It’s all dependent on the current performance trends which are generating revenue for you and whether the actionable insights in your data are telling you that these insights will be useful in the future. 

If you notice that your conversions for an online Athletic store are highest for African American males within 30 miles of Detroit at 1PM, and those conversion increase even more when you make ad adjustments with ad scheduling and location targeting, then it’s safe to say that using Google Optimize and Google Survey 360 would probably increase your conversions even more, considering that ‘micro-moments’ would be captured with these features. Or you could make use of Better Audiences Features to further optimize your ads for target audiences based on previous search signals so you can continue to increase your conversion rates and ROI.

So essentially, extracting insights from the Google Marketing Next 2017 that will be relevant to your own AdWords account really boils down to identifying current performance trends that generate income and observing the kinds of features or tools that will generate income in the future based on the data you observe. It may seem like a complicated process, and in the beginning it takes a real keen observation of what your AdWords account is telling you about what insights will be useful to you. But once you witness the rise in your AdWords account, you will certainly see it’s quite a payoff in the end. So don’t hesitate to begin the process now!

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