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Keyword ranking tool through keyword analysis

For every business, it is imperative to understand your competitors and perform a keyword ranking analysis. If you’re running an online platform and campaign, it makes sense to assess the other websites that rank for your set of target keywords. LXRMarketplace’s Top Ranked Websites by Keyword tool provides you with this precise information so you can learn who you are competing with for your customer’s attention.

Your Keyword Ranking Report

When your websites rank highly with targeted keywords in search engines like Google and Bing, your sites have the potential to pull in immense organic traffic. There are millions of searches that happen daily for competitive keyphrases and the objective of your online content is to rank for these keywords, preferably within the top 10 slot so searchers are more likely to find you. The important part is that this very traffic is organic, meaning there is no media cost associated with it. To rank in Search Engines Results Page (SERP), it is important to cut through the competition and secure your position. The Top Ranking Websites by Keyword tool helps you get classified information about your competitors, which can help you devise your Search Engine Optimization strategy accordingly. 

To get the report, all you need to do is provide the keyword and your target market location. The tool will return with information about the top 10 competitors who rank for that keyword in both Google and Bing. In addition, the tool provides you data on the number of URL and Domain backlinks of each of these sites. This offers you a direction on how to plan the backlinking strategy for your website. Not only that, one should visit these competitor links and try to gauge the SEO Onpage, user experience, and content strategies that these websites have incorporated. 

In order to strategize for your business, it is important to keep watch over your competitors on a frequent basis. Digital strategies are dynamic; therefore, it is necessary to get this report on at least a weekly basis to observe ranking fluctuations. If the rankings of the websites seem to fluctuate often and you have kept a close eye on these fluctuations, you are more attuned to the subtle changes in competitor’s business strategies, which indeed could be an important reference point for your business. 

Improve Your Keyword Ranking

In order to rank better in SERP, it is important to devise the right SEO strategy around your own keywords. It is important to begin with a thorough audit so as to assess the technical gaps that need to be addressed. Aside from that, you can adopt some basic onpage steps like:

  • Optimize the website’s Meta Title and Description tag with targeted keywords 
  • Optimize content and Header Tags with targeted keywords
  • Make sure your images have Alternate Text or Alt tags
  • Internal links are in place and resonate with the overall content hierarchy 

One would also need to ensure the website gains high quality backlinks from authority websites, as search engines consider domain authority into their ranking system.

Once you’ve achieved high rankings, it is necessary to maintain your position. LXRMarketplace’s ‘Top Ranked Websites by Keyword’ tool helps you keep a vigilant eye on the market and strategize the best plan for your website. 

Keyword ranking tool Check how your keywords are ranking by learning which websites have the highest ranking for your targeted keywords.

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Written by  Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.


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