How to Find New Prospects With Twitter


Time and time again, Twitter has proven to be instrumental in SEO. Second only to LinkedIn, Twitter has generated the most leads for B2B marketers , with a whopping 12.73% of leads being generated with the tool . Impressive!

However, those marketers reporting Twitter success are not just plugging away random tweets. They are making tweets based on the needs and interests of their audiences: whether that be relevant content or the convenient placement of links in that tweet content.

Here are some Twitter strategies that have provided marketers with an understanding of what Tweets attract their audiences.

1 .Engaging Titles – A title is really the feature element of your Tweet if you choose to use one. Here, you can immediately attract your viewers to your tweet content. If the title is not engaging, the tweet (or re-tweet) may not properly represent the content, and so you are less likely to receive link-clicks.

How can you do this? Try adding your own opinion to the piece. It shows you understand the article enough to take a position. And emphasize the relevance of the Tweet to your viewers. So, if you re-Tweet a Forbes article about social-media trends for 2017, try something like this:

Check out these social-media trends to improve your SEO as we enter 2017!

2. Make a Personal Connection – This is very important. Viewers do not want to feel like ‘consumers’ when you make a Tweet. They want to feel like people. So make a personal connection. A personal Tweet is just naturally more compelling for your audience.


And to be perfectly honest, storytelling has gained momentum in recent years. Our brains are actually programmed to make stories out of experiences and data. So story-telling ‘esque’ tweets are highly engaging as well, and were proven effective in other social-media channels, including Facebook .

3. Concise Tweets- No one wants to read a long tweet. It is simply not the function of the tool. More concise tweets are more likely to engage audiences because they get to the ‘point’ more quickly. And most important, short tweets (about 120 characters) leave enough room for other viewers to re-tweet your post. And this is a very important element of SEO.

4. Generate Interest in Your ‘Big Moments’ – I really like this one. Piggybacking off of #2, branding yourself as a person, instead of a product, is a very effective Twitter tactic. People want personalized Tweets. Maybe an open dialogue. Or a question to feel as if you are interested in knowing their concerns.

  But a great way to make your followers feel a part of your brand is to promote your ‘life-events’ . Your career changes, conventions you’re attending, accomplishments, or campaigns. And including any response-tweets in your moment afterward will make them feel even more included in your life as well.

So here it is! 4 Twitter tips for lead generation. Really, developing a strategy with these tactics gives you the direction you need to generate more leads. But more importantly, it gives you the insight into what tweets work for your brand…and what Tweets do not. And understanding this is a really crucial component of attracting new prospects.


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