How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Business Leads


Though LinkedIn is the most effective tool for generating leads,  many B2B marketers are avoiding the tool because they believe it’s too complex.

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However,  these LinkedIn anxieties can be quieted if you, as a marketer, understands HOW easily leads can be generated if used correctly.  So, just follow these 3 simple steps and watch as your pool of prospects grows as we enter 2017!

1 .Create a Group Page- In order to generate leads from LinkedIn, you MUST create a LinkedIn Group that will engage the interests of your target audience. So, if you are selling cosmetic products to marketers, create a group that specifically appeals to those product interests.


Go to the ‘Interests’ section on your top menu, then pick groups. Then go to the ‘My Groups’ button at the top, and pick ‘Create Group’ from the drop-down menu.

From here, just fill out the below form. Simple!


2. Create A List of Potential Customers- Probably the MOST important step. Your Group Page is only useful IF you are actively searching for prospects via LinkedIn. Otherwise, it serves no purpose.


Click the advanced link to the side of the search bar at the top. Then filter for the types of leads you are looking for. Easy. Just be sure to enter information that very specifically pertains to your target audience so you are identifying potential prospects who will find your group useful.

3. Engage Your Audience – Once you’ve developed a solid group following, start engaging your target audience with content that engages their interests. If you are selling cosmetics to manufacturers, write about affordable & quality lip-glosses and foundations in your LinkedIn posts.

And don’t hesitate to start an open dialogue . Doing so may actually gain the trust of your audience even more. And from there, you’ll find that your LinkedIn group members will soon become leads.

So here it is! 3 ways to generate leads with LinkedIn. Though it can all seem complicated, this tool provides the simplest route to attracting prospects than any other channel. Just be sure to follow these steps, and soon enough, your desired results will begin to surface.


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