How to Write a Guest-Post for an A-List Blogger


In our last blog, we spoke about effective inbound-marketing tactics.

Guest Blogging was one of those tactics.

Today I would like to focus on getting your blog on an A-Lister’s blog. This is an effective strategy because it drives more traffic to your blog and makes you a credible source . This is the starting point to driving revenue.

But how do you go about this ? Read the tips below to find out:

  1. Get the Attention of the A-list blogger: Popular bloggers are interested in originality . If you can teach them something new , they will be more interested in featuring your post. So, leave comments on their blog, message them on social media, or, as we’ll discuss next, send a personalized email to get them to notice your blog and the original ideas you would like to share with them.
  1. Email the A-List Blogger: If you really want to communicate with an A-list blogger, write an email. First and foremost, acknowledge their work & thank them for their content. Then, ask if you can guest-blog, explain WHY you are credible, and provide a link to your blog. Finally, end the email quickly. A-Listers receive hundreds to thousands of emails a day, so they will pass-up an email with too much content quickly. You want to stand out.
  1. Write a Killer Blog: In a good way. This includes great headlines, an interesting topic, data-backed content, conversational voice, & links to other blogs. Overall, just prove the value of your post, and explain HOW it can benefit your readers. Read last week’s post on blogging to learn more.

It may seem challenging, but it’s worth the reward in the end.  Jon Cooper and Bryan Harris are just a few digital marketers who have succeeded immensely with this strategy.

So don’t miss out on your chance to soar! Employ these 3 tactics & watch as your web-traffic drives more revenue. And popularize yourself to the point where thousands of interested prospects are going to your website at any chance they get.

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