3 Inbound-Marketing Tactics to Drive Revenue in 2017


As we enter 2017, inbound marketing is becoming more & more important to driving revenue.

Why? The answer is simple. 

*89% of US Internet users research online before purchasing a product
*93% of adult Internet users are registered on Facebook, and
*10.3 billion searches are conducted on Google every month

This means that most people are scouting the web for information. So, your company has a tremendous opportunity to attract a massive pool of prospects – and generate leads from that pool. It just boils down to the tactics you use.

Check out these 3 effective inbound-marketing tactics to drive your revenue in 2017!

    Neil Patel reports guest blogging as the BEST inbound marketing strategy . WHY? Because it gives you credibility. According to Social Marketing Writing, “62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors as more credible.”
    How Should You Start?
    You have two options: (1) write for other blogs (2) promote other bloggers’ content on your blog. Just be sure to research your target audience and write content that interests them. Read Gregory Ciotti’s case study to learn more about this process.
    Social Media is a very effective inbound tactic because so many people are using these channels. So, it’s the per 760d139e5ca9a1f18774a3dc5e6f942b fect opportunity to promote content and assess the interests of viewers with analytical features like Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights.
    How Should You Start?
    Determine which platforms generate the most leads.   Test , assess , then repeat . If LinkedIn posts produce the highest conversions, continue posting on LinkedIn. Simple. Marketing Manager at Adsmith China, Olivia Plotnick, explains her social media strategy in this Forbes article.
    Implement a blog subscription form. This form will allow you to collect your prospects’ contact information and send them personalized content on a scheduled basis. You can also promote this form on social media, email campaigns, your blogs etc., so there is tremendous outreach potential with this tool.
    How Should You Start?
    Design the form. Keep it short and simple; ask for their name and email address only. Then think how you can use this form to generate more leads for your business.   How can you place it on your website?   How can you use it in your email campaigns?   How can you post it on social media? 

So, try using these tactics to nurture your prospects until they are ready to buy! Just be ready to put in the time and effort. Progress does not happen overnight. But if you study the effect of these tactics on your revenue, success will be right around the corner.

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