From Humble Beginnings: Priester’s Pecans


Every business starts somewhere. It undoubtedly takes time and dedication to build your business into something tangibly successful, but you have a lot to be proud of by starting up a business at all. It all begins with an idea, and once you nurture and pursue that idea, you’re more than capable of turning a thought into your dream.

About Priester’s Pecans

Take Priester’s Pecans for example, now famous for selling the most gourmet assortment of nuts in the south. The company began in the small town of Fort Deposit in Alabama, where Mr. Priester owned a Texaco station. He would provide gas and other services to travelers until one day, a customer requested that Mr. Priester to sell pecans.

There were a lot of pecan trees in the surrounding town, so Mr. Priester did the smartest thing he could think of, and he listened to that customer.  Mr. Priester began selling pecans at his Texaco station, and the requests for them tremendously increased until he knew that he needed to invest in a larger space, and begin focusing on the quality sales of pecans.

Nothing like a healthy breakfast with some pecans.
Nothing like a healthy breakfast with some pecans.

Challenges & Success

But even businesses on the rise need help. Priester’s Pecans needed to clean up their campaigns because the company wanted to see more online results. Using our LXRGuide services, they were able to obtain a profitable AdWords account.

Priester’s Pecans were able to proactively increase their revenue by 327%, conversions by 254%, and their ROI by 200% through our best practices and a little help from LXRGuide . Their company only continues to grow, due to their hard work and the desire to learn more in order to succeed the most.

How LXRMarketplace Can Help

LXRMarketplace wants to help your small to medium-sized business by democratizing the online retail marketing industry. We believe in helping small businesses compete through knowledge, free tools, and advice. Our tools are worth your time to check out because we designed them with your business in mind.

The key to success is being proactive and seeking solutions in times of need. At LXRMarketplace, we have a deep understanding of the principle that you need to start small to make it big. We also understand that there is always room for improvement.

Priester’s Pecans began from humble beginnings, and every other company that you see dominating the market began as an idea. Turn your idea into a goal, and then into your reality.

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“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”– Steve Jobs

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