How to Accelerate your Marketing Efforts with a Content Calendar


If you’re not the most organized person, a color-coded content calendar, carefully arranged and planned may seem daunting. However, taking time to compile one can be rewarding for your business and its customers. It’s essential to building a reputable brand, too. Content calendars make it easy for your team to plan, publish, and distribute content. So sit down, start planning your content, and stick by your calendar!

Organize Your Marketing Efforts

Whether you’re a team of one or 100, following a content calendar allows you to track and organize their publish dates. On the receiving end, a customer who views a steady stream of content will trust the professionalism of your business and demonstrate that you’re a reliable business to them. With the following advice, you’ll be able to create and implement your calendar as part of your successful content marketing strategy.

Keep Track of Every Post

Every piece of content you publish should be clearly documented on your content calendar, including social media posts, blogs, email blasts, and more. The content you choose to publish should be closely aligned with your brand and its target audience. Test isolated pieces of content and see how they perform using Google Analytics or similar service. Review the data regularly to decide whether to use similar content or change up your strategy.

Color Code Like A Boss

Remember that old technique of highlighting text in a neon orange, yellow, or green to make it stand out? Well, the same is true for your content calendar. Color code every category to give your calendar that visual appeal and organization it might be lacking. It’ll make your life easier and show where you need to prioritize.

Plan Ahead & Revisit Regularly

Always plan your calendar for about a month ahead to get a feel for using it, and then begin planning for six months out at a maximum. This time frame is ideal because it allows you to establish your business and develop a routine without avoiding the fact that the industry fluctuates. Keep in mind the strategies you’re using now may not be effective forever.

How is Your Content Performing?

As you’re tracking your content performance, monitor where it’s performing well and where it’s lacking, and adjust it accordingly. Keep an open mind when it comes to your calendar. The digital marketing landscape evolves naturally, and your calendar shouldn’t stay stagnant if industry changes are negatively impacting performance.

Your content calendar is designed to help you map out, create, and track your content. You’ll have reliable analytical data to track since you’ll be posting regularly, and hopefully you can learn more about your business in order to grow it.

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