Organize & Prioritize Marketing Resources


Your marketing resources can lead you to future success but there are countless directions in which you can take your marketing efforts. You could easily wind up exerting too much effort without receiving the right payoff. Your business should pair down the number of strategies and focus on fewer, more effective approaches.

Pair It Down

Your marketing resources are like your closet. Some of your clothes are shoved in the back corner, while other are sloppily folded on shelves. A rare few are hung up neatly. That mentality of owning as much as possible is the same philosophy as wanting to have every resource at hand. Eventually, much like clothing you never wear, there will be resources that no longer serve a purpose. Why would you hold onto resources that aren’t helping you reach specific goals?

There’s value in pairing down and being a minimalist. Imagine your closet again but with unparalleled organization. Aspire to see that in your business, too. Take that image of removing anything which isn’t being used in order to create a streamlined and effective strategy in optimizing your resources.


As previously mentioned, there are plenty of marketing resources at your disposal. While your mind may jump to specific files, you should consider categorizing them in a way that makes sense even to an new employee. (Online files can be conveniently added to the Cloud and physical files can be organized in a storage area with labels.) Employees revise or innovate ideas on a regular basis so any updates should be dated properly and labeled in a uniform way. Take a few minutes each week to organize any files names or clean up the physical storage area to make it easy to access and understand.


Once all your resources are organized, it’s important to focus on the ones that are serving you the most. Take note of where you’re exerting 20% of your efforts but receiving 80% of your profits. Locate those areas and put more of your energy there.

You might think that in order to succeed, you have to seize every resource and opportunity that comes you way. Although it’s good to be ambitious sometimes, it’s useless to exert effort where you’re not getting results. Focus on where you’re gaining the highest ROI or where that extra time will benefit you more. Work smarter, not harder!

Once you start organizing and prioritizing your marketing resources, you’ll see a world of difference in your business, as well as feel more confident about the direction your business is headed in.

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