The Right Tools To Help You Compete This Holiday Season


You have a few more weeks until the holiday season is almost over. Now is the best time to learn more about your competitors and find out how you can compete with them this season. Lucky for you, we’ve selected our top tools to help you do that, without paying another penny on expensive software.

To get started, you’ll need to know how exactly you stack against your competitors. Having a strong sense of awareness about your strategies will allow you to focus on areas of improvement to create the most effective solutions. Continue reading to find out more about some of our free tools.

最新的外围体育平台 Analysis Tool

Simply enter both your website and your competitor’s website URL in the 最新的外围体育平台 Analysis tool . The tool will generate a report that’ll help you identify areas of opportunity for on-page optimization and organic search ranking. It’ll show you which key SEO factors are directly affecting your organic search rank so that you can make the proper changes.

Top Ranked Websites By Keyword

Enter any keyword and the Top Ranked Websites By Keyword tool will generate the top 10 ranked websites based off your selection. It’s important to know what keywords are worth investing in and which ones will provide you with the best results online. That way, you’ll better understand which keywords your competitors are using and which could be effective for your campaigns or overall strategy.

Understanding how you rank among competition is one thing, but it’s another to maintain that position, especially in this ever-evolving online world. Monitor how you’re performing among your competitors to stay on top of your game with the 最新的外围体育平台 Webpage Monitor and Weekly Keyword Rank Checker tool.


最新的外围体育平台 Webpage Monitor

Track your competitor’s webpages and automatically know when they make crucial changes to their site such as content, links, and more. This help keep you updated and put forward your best marketing strategies. It’s important to stay informed without having to manually check in with your competitors to stay on top of your game.

Weekly Keyword Rank Checker

Check how your keywords and your competitor’s keywords are performing and monitor how they fluctuate on a weekly basis with our Weekly Keyword Rank Checker tool . Optimize your keyword search by choosing the top performing keywords for your budget. You’ll get email alerts informing you of any keywords that aren’t ranking as well.

This holiday season, it’s not only imperative to locate your successes and failures relative to the competition, but it’s also crucial to maintain that awareness and monitor when it fluctuates. Always remain a step ahead with LXR Marketplace , where we want to simplify the lives of small retail marketers by providing them with free web applications that’ll improve their online marketing management and campaign performance.

“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” -unknown

Now is the time to own your strategy!
Now is the time to own your strategy!

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