4 Types of Content That Will Increase Your Web-Traffic


As you continue to write blogs  — and other content for your business — you will want to change  how  you write  so you can   generate fresh traffic , improve your SEO , and increase conversion rates . Check out these 4 content-types that are proven to drive web-traffic so you can improve your SEO in the new year!

  1. LISTS

We all love lists. They are simple. To the point. Studies actually show that the human brain is able to remember more easily when information is compiled in a list. Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 lists are everywhere. You are even reading a numbered list right now!

How to do it: It’s rather simple to create a list. Just think about your main points. Then number or bullet them. And be sure to write a call-to-action at the end of the list.

  1. MEMES

We all know memes. And they are hilarious! If you ever get the chance to use a meme in your content, do it! Whether imgres in a blog post or social media post, like Facebook or Twitter. But don’t overuse them. Memes are really meant to evoke humor at those times when it’s ‘just right’ to do so.

How to do it: Try the Meme Generator or Quick Meme . These websites will allow you to generate the ‘right’ memes for your content.


By far, one of the most important drivers of web traffic. When you write, readers want to know what data backs up your content. Why? Because it makes you  credible to them. Then readers will be more likely to share your content.

How to do it: You must actually do the research for the chosen topic. And once you have the data, present the numbers, percentages, etc., in an engaging enough way to evoke the interest of your readers.


7-proven-search-marketing-tips-for-2017 Writing a guide gives you a TREMENDOUS opportunity to increase your web traffic. LXRMarketplace found a significant increase in website pageviews when we promoted NetElixir’s e-book: 7 Proven Search Marketing Tips for 2017 on Twitter.

How to do it: Think about a common question or issue your customers have, provide a solution(s), then put together detailed instructions on how to reach the goal. Just be sure you have a solid enough writer to do the job. 


So here it is! 4 types of content that will drive web-traffic. Moving into 2017, don’t hesitate to use these types in your writing. But don’t feel pressure to use them all at once. Try each one by one and measure the effects on your website. Read our post on Google Analytics to learn more.

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