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Social Media

“What am I doing?”

You may ask yourself this as you look at your social media results.

As you use Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Facebook Insights, you will understand what decisions to make based on the actionable insights you’ve drawn from the data.  Facebook Insights may tell you as an online cosmetics retailer that  your lipstick ads are appealing most to Caucasian middle-aged females, with conversions generally occurring around 1PM, and so curating content that appeals to this target audience will yield to the most conversions in the future. Twitter Analytics may tell you that informational Tweets regarding the cosmetics industry appeals most to followers and so repeating those Tweets will drive your revenue even more. These are great insights, and will certainly help you succeed in the future but what other point of reference do you have apart from likes, reach, and the most successful posts from these tools ? So you must consider other points of reference that will help you make even more intelligent business decisions based on how well your social media reach compares with your competitors. That is why we suggest LXRMarketplace’s very own Social Media Analyzer Tool.

The Social Media Analyzer tool is one of LXRMarketplace’s free SEO tools which addresses the overall reach of your competitors and engagement of those users on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+, as well as your competitors’ social media channels. Easy-to-understand reports are created with metrics to indicate every facet of your social media influence including likes, shares, comments, follows, subscribers, so you are able to develop actionable insights that will put you at an advantage to your competitors because you understand HOW you compare with them. Other benefits to the tool include historical growth illustrated in easy-to-understand graphics and weekly reports in pdf formats highlighting data comparison. When you click the Get Results as per the below, you will receive the following insights to draw upon as you continue to develop your marketing program.


  • Audience: Total number of followers/likes for each channel.
  • Recent Post: Last/latest activity (post) for each channel.
  • For each post the ratio of audience engaged is calculated based on different metrics in respective channels as follows.
  • Facebook: Post Likes, Comments, Shares, Engaged.
  • Twitter: Retweets, Likes, Engaged.
  • Pinterest: Repins, Likes, Comments, Engaged for the last post.
  • Google Plus: Replies, Plus ones, Reshares, Engaged.
  • YouTube: Views, Likes, Comments, Engaged for the last post.

So give it a try. It certainly cannot hurt to draw insights upon the data that is being provided to you especially as it compares to your competitors. In fact, it will give you insight you may’ve never before had so you can be ahead of those who may’ve been ahead of you for a long time. Check out the tool for yourself here. 

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