Domain Age Checker Tool

Domain Age is an important determinant factor that contributes to a website’s ranking. LXRMarketplace’s Domain Age Checker Tool is a simple, user friendly platform that helps you decipher the age of any domain in just a few seconds. Aside from giving an exact count of the domain age, it also provides ample information with respect to:

  • Domain creation, update, and expiration date 
  • Registration details including Registrant Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number
  • Administrative Contact Details including Name, Email, Phone Number, and Physical Address Location 
  • Technical Contact details including Name, Email, Phone Number, and Physical Address Location 

Why Does Domain Age Matter?

In the eyes of Search Engines, older domains ooze trust. So, if a domain is older it signifies that the website owner has been in the business long enough and is most likely going to maintain it in future. Domain age is indeed one of the ranking factors by Google. 

Will a Newer Domain Hurt My SEO?

This may actually pop the question of whether or not the small and new business owners who are starting afresh have a disadvantage. There isn’t a definite answer to this. It is true that older domains do hold an advantage here. But, if you are a new business with an ambition to make your site perform in Search Engine Result pages (SERP), here are few things you can work on which would help you build trust and credibility for your website:

  1. When it comes to SEO, good content is king. Meaningful content information can help users understand your business better and Search Engines like Google give a lot of importance to a strong user experience. Make sure that your content pieces are well optimized with targeted keywords, increasing your likelihood of running in the SERP.
  2. While content is of supreme importance, so is a good content architecture. The whole content hierarchy of your website should be organized in sync with the business objectives and most importantly linked to and fro. Internal link plays an instrumental role in referring visitors to relevant content pages and this is also a Search Engine ranking factor. Links with keyword rich anchor text have a lot of importance in the Search Engine Optimization process. 
  3. All the content should be properly encased within tags. The main heading of the website is

    , followed by

    , and it can continue so far as 

  4. Last but not least, every page should have proper Title Tag and Meta Description, both of which helps the Search Engine figure out what the page is about and determine its ranking with respect to relevant keyphrases.

Domain Age Checker Tool Learn the age and other vital information about your domain. 

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Written by  Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.


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