How to Optimize Inbound Links

What are inbound links and how do I optimize my inbound links

Why Use an Inbound Link Checker Tool?

Inbound Links are hyperlinks on other websites that link back to your website and webpages. Link authority refers to the value of established and trusted websites where your inbound links reside. Search engines factor in the quantity and quality of inbound links when ranking websites. 

An inbound link checker tool will crawl the web for you to provide you with reports on who is linking to your website. The tool creates an inbound link profile of all your backlinks on other websites. This profile outlines the exact page someone is linking to. The inbound link checker tool reports how that link may be improving your domain authority, thus improving your online presence. Higher domain authority can boost your search engine ranking because Google and others mark your site as trusted and credible. Your domain authority is calculated partly by the total number of inbound links you have across established and trusted sites.

Automating the process with a tool lets you be certain of every backlink to your website across the internet. An inbound link checker tool easily builds and maintains your inbound link profile.

Inbound links are part of your off-page SEO. While you carefully optimize your on-page SEO to improve your organic ranking, an inbound link checker tool will help you optimize your off-page SEO by monitoring your online presence.

Why Would a Freelancer Check Inbound Links?

As a freelancer, your content is your credibility. You want to be aware of where your content is living and who is using it. By tracking the backlinks of guest blog posts and your own site, you can build a link profile of your most prominent blog posts.

By using an inbound link checker tool, you will know who has links pointing to your own site. You’ll have a report of who is sharing your content – and you may be surprised by your inbound link profile. Your profile could connect you with new opportunities to house your content and expand your reach. As a freelancer, you are constantly adding, editing, removing, and updating your content and pages. Therefore, an automated tool is a critical asset in managing your content and building your online presence. 

Why Would Business Owners Need an Inbound Link Check Tool?

Inbound links point to the connectivity between sites. With more high quality inbound links to your site, you will increase your domain authority. An increased domain authority tells search engines to rank you higher because your site is credible and trustworthy.

As a business owner, you want to corner the market on your product or service. If you consistently create high-quality, informative, and engaging content around your product or service, you can deepen your brand awareness. Not every inbound link will translate to a sale, but it improves brand awareness and your domain authority. 

If you operate a large website with a long history and many backlinks, it will be impossible for you to manually check where all your content is linked. An inbound link checker tool will simplify this process for you. As a business owner, you can explore new opportunities, areas of expansion, and connections by learning where your links live. 

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Written by Shannon Kelly, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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