Magento Product Feed Tool

If you’re operating with products on a retail ecommerce platform, it is important to make the world know about them – needless to say, Google Merchant Center is one of the most effective platforms that will help you get the visibility your business needs. Our Magento Product Feed Tool empowers you to create the product feed that you can update in Google Merchant Center. 

Magento as an Ecommerce Platform

The Magento Product Feed Tool  is effective if you have a retail website developed in Magento. Every ecommerce website deals with high volumes of data and Magento is known for providing cutting edge performance and scalability – thus, catering your website with optimum speed and efficiency. 

Aside from that, it bestows you with effective SEO management, which helps your website secure ‘brownie points’ in the eyes of Search Engines. 

Most visitors access websites via mobile devices as opposed to desktops. Magento ensures mobile responsiveness, which ensures that your website adheres to high user experience standards. 

Manage your Product Feed

It is imperative to say that visibility in Google Shopping is a must have for every small business enterprise, especially those specializing in retail. And, to do this effectively, one should create a product feed and submit the same in Google Merchant Center. 

LXRMarketplace’s Magento Product Feed Tool offers you a lot of customization in this context:

  1. It empowers you to select the product that you choose to display and rule out the rest that you don’t want to display. You get the option to apply a stock/ and/or price filter based on value and/or range and will customize the entire feed on the basis of your requirements. 
  2. The feed is available in both .csv and .xml format.
  3. Every time you want to generate a feed, you would not need to login to the Magento panel to do so. You can simply schedule it from the panel with the help of the scheduler  – you get to select the day(s) and the time; the feed will be auto-generated at the scheduled timelines based on your set parameters. 

The feed can then be submitted to Google Merchant center. So, if you’re a small business owner driving your retail business over Magento platform, this is the right tailor-made tool for you. 

Magento Product Feed for Google Shopping Generate your product list from Magento today to streamline your Google Shopping experience.

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Written by  Antara Chaudhuri. Edited & Published by Shannon Kelly.

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