SEO In Content Writing


When you’re developing copy for your website, one of your major considerations in content strategy should be SEO. On-page content, including blogs, articles, product descriptions, and any other copy, is a way for internet users to find your website. However, your site will only turn up early in search results if it has a high SERP ranking. You improve your search ranking with quality SEO content. This content also tends to generate backlinks, or inbound links, which improves your SERP even more.

Keywords For SEO

When writing SEO content, be sure to include the keywords you want your website to rank for in search. The topic you are writing about should be clear from the headline, whether you’re selling a pair of jeans or you’re writing an article about the best tools to use for a certain project. Use our Top Ranked Websites By Keyword tool to research your competitors. See how they are using the keywords and use these learnings to inform your strategy.

Keyword ranking is a typical KPI for SEO content. By creating high-quality content with appropriate use of keywords, you’ll increase your search engine ranking. Measure this KPI easily with our Weekly Keyword Rank Checker tool. This tool tracks your site’s rankings for up to 5 keywords and sends you weekly reports.

SEO Content Strategy

A technique that benefits both SEO and backlink generation is writing query-based content. When you write content, think of what your target audience is searching for, then answer that question. If you’re selling jeans, write content like, “These skinny jeans are available in sizes 0-18.” If you’re ranking tools for a project, write, “A table saw is the best tool for splitting a piece of wood.” You are answering questions you anticipate your users asking and providing a straightforward answer.

This is especially important in the era of voice search. Users tend to phrase their voice search as a question. Then, when your smart devices search, they read out what the connected search platform believes to be the best answer to the question. If your content clearly and succinctly provides an answer, it is more likely to be ranked as the best and used in voice search.

Inbound Link Building

When you create content that is well-written, informative, and query-based, you organically draw inbound links. Other writers will want to link to you as a source to share your information. The more inbound links you have to your page, the higher your SERP.

If you want to record and measure your site’s inbound links, you can do so easily with LXRMarketplace’s Inbound Link Checke r tool. Learn more about this tool and backlinks from our blog post about Inbound Links And How They Affect SERP .

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