Inbound Links or Backlinks: How They Affect SERP

Many factors go into determining your website’s ranking in search results. One major driver is your site’s authority, or its quality and trustworthiness. A top factor in search ranking and authority is the quantity and quality of your backlinks, or inbound links. 

What are Inbound Links or Backlinks?

These are links to your website from other sites.  If those links come from respected sources that are related to your industry, they are considered quality backlinks . But how do you know what sites are linking to you? It’s simple to find out with our Inbound Link Checker tool.

How To Check Inbound Links To Your Website

Keep track of the backlinks your site currently has and monitor for new incoming links by using LXR Marketplace’s Inbound Link Checker . This tool is simple to use: enter the URL of the website you want to check and click “analyze.” The Backlink Checker tool will return a list of all of the sites that are linking to yours. Included in the list are the referring URL and its quality rating, as well as the anchor text that site used to link to yours. At the top of the list, you’ll find a summary of the number of links, unique referring domains , “no follow” links, governmental and educational links, and total indexed pages in Google.

Once you have all of this information about your inbound links, you can work to analyze the data and use it to improve your site and content. What pages are generating the most backlinks, and the highest quality ones? What can you do to improve parts of your webpage that aren’t generating as many quality backlinks? You should also regularly monitor your pages to see if any new backlinks have been added.

How To Get Backlinks or Inbound Links To Your Website

Wondering how to get more backlinks? Spam and buying links aren’t the answer. The best way to earn backlinks is to create consistent, high-quality content. Users should organically want to share your content. When you develop a product page, blog post, or other content, ensure that it is user-friendly, focused, and well-researched. You should also ensure that your on-page SEO is complete and accurate; check this with LXR Marketplace’s Website SEO Analysis tool.

Another way to get inbound links is pitch yourself or your articles to other websites in your field with high domain authority. Perhaps they do link roundups and would include you in an upcoming one. Or maybe you could write a guest blog post for them and direct readers to your website. If you plan to do this, make sure the sites you are approaching are high-quality themselves

How To Optimize Your Website For SEO

If you’re looking to continue to analyze your website’s SEO, try some of LXR Marketplace’s other tools. SEO Webpage Analysis reviews your website’s on-page SEO elements by providing a breakdown of all the SEO on-page factors. The SEO 最新的外围体育平台 Analysis tool compares SEO-related data from your webpage against your competitors for a variety of metrics. The Weekly Keyword Rank Checker monitors how well your website is ranking in search for your select keywords. The use of all of these free tools together will help provide a full picture of your website’s SEO ranking and provides actionable information to improve your site. Find these tools and more for growing your business from LXR Marketplace .

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